Binge Drinking: It’s Bad for Relationships

“Drinking too much can cause a person to be moody or defensive, act abusive or aggressive and/or lie to the people they love.”

Binge drinking is more than a health issue. It has a way of affecting every part of a person’s life—especially relationships with friends and loved ones. Drinking too much can cause a person to be moody or defensive, act abusive or aggressive and/or lie to the people they love. Eventually, relationships with family, friends and co-workers become strained and distant.

Often the person will deny they have a problem and friends will not know how to help. But sometimes you can help a friend by talking it out, and explaining, in a calm and caring way, how their actions are hurting the people closest to them.

Binge drinking:

  • Increases aggression and the risk of physically assaulting another person5.

    Getting drunk and starting arguments, getting into fights or being physically abusive toward the people you love is a sure way to alienate friends and sever relationships. It’s also a good way to end up in jail.

  • Increases the chances of engaging in risky sexual activity.

    Drinking to excess lowers inhibitions, making it more likely to engage in risky behaviors like having unprotected sex, or sex with multiple partners5. Not only can this cause problems with relationships, it increases the risk of unintended pregnancy and STDs6.

  • Gets in the way of a healthy sex life.

    One of the myths about alcohol is that it is an aphrodisiac, but it actually reduces sexual performance. For men, excessive drinking lowers the production of testosterone and can lead to impotence, low libido and even sterility5. In many cases, the sober person in a relationship lacks the desire to engage in sexual activity with their drinking partner.

  • Leads to embarrassing behavior that can strain relationships.

    When you’re drunk, good judgement goes right out the window, and it’s easy to say or do something you’ll regret the next day. Just because everyone is drinking doesn’t mean it’s all in good fun. Drunk words and actions can be hurtful, and they can have serious effects on friendships and relationships. Moderate your drinking and help friends stay in control to prevent regrets.